Meet Kate, Your Photographer.

With 11 quick, random and totally true factoids!

  1. I met my husband, Ryan, on our very first day of college- he asked me for my number, then told me he'd call me in "a few months"...I of course immediately knew I was going to marry him (makes sense right?!) Luckily he called me an hour later!

  2. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be corned beef, like any good harp--Irish born and raised, my dad says I've got a tongue made for potatoes (quick, they're too spicy, grab me a glass of milk!)  


    Guertin is my married name :) 

  3. Before Sweetest Things blossomed, I was a teacher and then later a community based marketing manager. I like to try all things once...even careers! Luckily I found my true love and superpower freezing moments and turning them into magic!

  4. I've been called spunky, a spitfire, full of life, a social butterfly, a grade A obsessor and by far the title I'm most proud of a great mom (my little munchkin pictured above is about to turn 3--where does the time go?!)

  5. I have a black belt in American Kenpo Karate, something I spent over half of my life training for-my former sensei turned second father is one of the biggest reasons I am who I am, a great big piece of my picture, a light in my heart and truly the greatest loss I've had.

  6. snore louder than the dog (ZZzzzzz) and am definitely early to bed, early to rise (not by choice, toddler Mom life!)

  7. Luckily, for all that lack of sleep I'm just naturally chipper, no coffee needed (but I still enjoy an iced caramel swirl just for the heck of it here and there!)

  8. Target is life (enough said.)

  9. Mint chocolate-chip, two scoops, jimmies, waffle cone-- please and thank you. :)

  10. My Dad is my bestie- and not like oh everyone just says that. Like in a laughing like crazy, spontaneous road trip, call you in the middle of the night for anything, kind of way. He's the best, you should play golf with him some time! 

  11. This job is so much more than a job- it's a dream come true, snuggling babies and capturing treaures, meeting incredible new friends (some might call them clients, but let's face it we end up becoming so much more!) , being able to see my little girl and take her to see the world, live life for the moments and not for the money without regrets kind of life and to you, I say THANK YOU for being the reason for it all! <3 


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